Post tensioned beam

Prestressed concrete Master degree, semester 2
Trasa kabli sprężających Lokalizacja kabli w przekroju Wykres strat naprężeń w czasie Strefa zakotwienia

During subject Prestressed and Precast Concrete Stuctures I designed I-beam, post tensioned, span 20.4 m, height 1.1 m. I proposed active reinforcement: 4 cable made of Y1860 S7 steel, tendons made of 4 strands, type of strands: 7-wire strands 15,5mm. I calculated initial and time-dependant losses. Also anchorage zone reinforcement calculations were included in the project.

Codes used:

  • EN 1992 Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures

Programs utilized:

  • Autodesk Autocad
  • Mathcad

As a part of the project we took a trip to a building site during prestressing of a concrete tank for potable water in Nowa Górka, in Carcow. The tank characterized by a non-standard solution of connection between walls and foundation. The walls were placed in U-shaped form. Under the walls there was a polymer mat, which allowed sliding. Sliding connection provided equally redistributed prestressing stresses in the walls.

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