Steel tank

Metal structures Master degree, semester 2
Model zbiornika w SCIA Obciążenie wiatrem powłoki cylindrycznej Wyniki naprężeń Analiza wyboczeniowa

The aim of the project was to design steel tank with focus on LM3 bucking analysis from EN 1993-1-6 eurcode. The tank had 26 m radius. For such a span it is recommended to introduce conical roof with trussed member. My attempts to model the structure in Robot showed that the software has problem with discretization the cylindrical shell in the support area of the truss. The failures didn't discourage me to pick up new FEM program: SCIA Engineer. The Nemetschek's software has good manuals and examples to study from. Also the official forum of the program was helpful during my learning process.

I decided to share my new knowledge with my colleague students by organizing a lecture, where I discussed inputting tank model to SCIA. I also published a tutorial on the same topic on  Youtube : [PL]

The problem of bucking of a cylindrical (or any) shell is difficult. It requires knowledge of linear, non-linear and bucking analysis differences. I was glad to learn a new program, which increased my awareness of designing steel shells and helped me later in other subjects.

Codes used:

  • EN 1993 Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures
  • EN 1993 Part 4-2: Tanks
  • EN 1993 Part 1-6: General rules - Strength and stability of shell structures
  • ECCS TC8 TWG 8.4 Shells, Bucling of Steel Shells European Design Recommendations

Programs utilized:

  • Nemetschek Scia Engineer
  • Mathcad