Collector road design

Road design Bachelor degree, semester 4

During first degree of studies I attempted to Road design classes. I had to design single-carriageway with two lanes located in Zielonki municipality (near Cracow). Length of the road was 3 547 m. Traffic load was assumed as category KR4 and ground conditions were classified to G2 bearing class. For the road embankment surface drainage I proposed both side ditch and for the road cutting drainage I proposed draining pipes and geosynthetics, which separate construction from the bottom.

The design road crossed with local road (class L). The solution proposed there was a small roundabout, radius 30 m.

Codes used:

  • Rozporządzenie MTiGM w sprawie warunków technicznych jakim powinny odpowiadać drogi publiczne i ich usytuowanie (Dz. U. Nr 43 poz. 430 z 14.05.1999 r.) (Polish technical requirements)
  • Instrukcja Projektowania Małych Rond, GDDP (Polish instruction of designing small roundabouts)

Programs utilized:

  • Autodesk Autocad

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